Monday, February 28, 2011

No longer a Color Club virgin!

Woohhhhh, my Color Club cherry has been popped =) I have always been seeing them around the blogging scene but I thought maybe it was just a brand that they only sold in certain countries because I have never seen them before (yeah stupid I know).  The other day though I finally took the leap and went into my local beauty supply store (I've always been scared I would wind up spending wayyyyyy too much money haah) and EUREKA! COLOR CLUB! I had to have one and this color just caught my eye.

This is Alter Ego by Color Club.

So here's the deal, Its a glittery foil which has gold (looks like silver), purple and a hint of blue micro glitter.  (I feel so fancy, I've never used that word before lmao) It looks AWESOME in all lights.  In the first shitty picture, sorry about that, you can see the purple side of this polish.  In the second shitty picture the goldish side shows up.  This polish was a dream to apply, shown here is three coats for opacity, it was the perfect formula, consistency and color.  I topped this polish off with Seche Vite top coat.  I really think if you see this color in all lights you would love it even more, its just great haha.  I think its more of  winter color, it really looks great outside when there is snow on the ground =) 

Has anybody else had the chance to use any of the other polishes in the Color Club Alter Ego collection? I'm really looking forward to buying Alias and Sheer Disguise. Well, that's all for now, off to work!  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love & Beauty

Why hello everyone! Once again I'm procrastinating, I have a test on monday but I'm not studying until tomorrow hahah. College sucks, all I do is study, sleep, study and study. wahh.

Well w/e, today I'm showing you Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint.

This polish looks exactly how it does in this picture so no need for more than one.  It is a very thick blueish green cream polish (more blue than green).  In the bottle it looks pretty white but on the nail you can see exactly what color it actually is.  The application was PERFECT and soo surprising for a polish that was only $2.80.  It went on thick but not clumpy at all, covered in practically one coat  (although here is 2).  Because it was so thick cleanup was a bit of a pain but i think it turned out good! I would definitely buy Love & Beauty brand again!

By the way, I have the weirdest shaped pointer finger nail. No matter what shape i file it in to or how much I clean it up on the sides its abnormally round. What is up with that? Oh and another addition: my cuticles are not that red...I'm not sure why they look like that but they are normal color in real life hahah

EDIT: Thanks to my sorority sister Nicole she reminded me of a color that is very dupey to this one.  As I'm sure many of you have already, its Essie Mint Candy Apple.
* Picture courtesy of Amarixe blog

As you can tell mint candy apple is a little greener but it's still a pretty solid dupe. (It also depends on which formula you have of this polish, rumor has it that they changed the formula a while back). Does anybody have both of these polishes? Do you think they are dupey?   

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm in Texas!....I wish.

Hola chicas! Good..morning I guess lol. My week has been totally crazy, I have a term paper due on friday which I have to start, but I'm sitting in my bed blogging and watching Greek..priorities?? haha. Actually I even watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars this week and let me say what a great show! How come I never watched it before?!

Okay well lets move right along. Today I am showing you a jelly from the new O.P.I Texas Collection which is called Houston...We Have A Purple.

So I don't care what O.P.I says, this is totally pink on the nail. It should be renamed Houston..We have a Pink! I wish it looked more purple like it does in the bottle because as we all know, I despise pink. On another note, I LOVE how jellies look on my nails!! This polish was so great to apply which is the great thing about jellies, they go on so thinly that there are essentially no room for errors with bald spots or clumpy messes. Although after I did clean up on my mani it looked like my nails were stained (which would be weird because the polish is so light) they were not =)

So, have you tried any of the other O.P.I. polishes from the Texas Collection? What about the cremes? Are there any other colors from this collection I just NEED to have? 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get ready, this is a long one

Hey guys! I know you have been missing me, SO MUCH WORK. SO LITTLE TIME. haha. I have been changing my nail polish more often then I eat it seems like so I have tons to show you and I kinda want to play catch up a little. Oh, and I have to preface this post by letting you know that all my nails severely broke over the past week so my nails are brutally short. Yuck.

First up is Red Hot Ayers Rock by O.P.I. 

How great does that look? This polish is my idea of the perfect red. Not to dark, it even looks a hint pink. This polish covered perfectly in one coat which is surprising because it is such a vivid red.  Shown here is 2 coats, just because I can't fathom only using one coat of any polish...two is the least I'll do. EVER. (Although I think one of the polishes in my posts covered absolutely beautifully in one coat so I stopped there). Shocking I know! The application was a little watery but nothing I couldn't handle.  Although everything about this polish was perfect, it chipped in about 2 days which is a little disappointing for an O.P.I. No staining after either, score!

Secondly, I am showing you Easy Going by Sinful Colors Professional.  

The pictures shown here are taken in two kinds of artificial light.  Although they look pretty similar, they each show different characteristics of the polish.  As you can tell this polish is a light pink/white color.  I found this polish a few years ago at Walgreens for $1.99 and I can honestly say it has to be one of my favorite polishes of al time.  I am in desperate need of a new bottle because this one is just about running on empty so the application was extremely tricky.  Usually this polish is the perfect consistency but for this application it was clumpy, streaky and all over pretty horrible.  I had to make each of the coats (three) pretty thick because it kept getting messed up due to the lack of polish.  This color didn't even chip, it pretty much peeled off my fingers in about a day.  Totally disappointing and is already on my next Walgreens shopping list. I would recommend this polish to ANYBODY though, obnoxiously opaque and the perfect muted pink shade.  A final note about this lacquer, it makes me look so tan!! Total + and therefore my go to polish all year round =)

Halfway done! Okay so now I am showing you Brisbane Bronze from the O.P.I Couture Collection Mini Trio (from Ulta)

I am at a serious loss for words. For the life of me I don't know how to describe this polish. At every angle it looks different, sometimes a red based brown (dusty rose) and at some points it looks like the name says, bronze. I am beyond confused. Most other reviews have been comparing this color to the color of a "new penny"(which I guess goes along with my second picture pretty well). Has anybody ever used this polish before? Do you want to take a crack at describing it?  The application was so-so.  I say this only because it is such a small bottle 3.75 mL vs the 15mL regular sized OPI bottle. Smaller bottle= Smaller brush= Less polish on brush.   It's really a bummer because I think I could have gotten the color and application to have looked 100x better if I had it in a average sized bottle. This polish chipped after a few hours!! WTH, not okay. Although honestly, at about that time I was getting a little bored with the color anyway. Well, on to the next!

Last but certainly not least, I will show you what they only call a "Glitter Topcoat" by Claire's Cosmetics.

Yes, I am aware that topcoat means OVER another color but i think this color alone looks so pretty.  I used three- four coats in these photos (I kind of lost track) and topped it off with Seche Vite top coat.  The glitter is all silver micro-sparkles which make the polish extremely holographic.  The top picture is only here to show you all the colors that show up in the polish (just about every color in the rainbow!).  Anyways, the application was a wee difficult and I only say this because the glitter got all over my skin, without my consent haha.  As many of you sure know, glitter is a bi*#h to remove, especially if you are only trying to touch up.  All in all the polish was a little pricey for the quality, ringing in at just under $5 USD.  I would recommend this polish to everybody...and for both uses (topcoat and alone). I was playing around with this polish a little today and applied it over a mint green polish and it looked flawless, I'll have to do that manicure soon! I only got this polish today and already my suitemates are lining up to use it! 

Hope you enjoyed my extra long post today..more to come later this week =) 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Procrastination at its best

Good afternoon kiddies...I have a test tomorrow, and no I'm not going to study until later.  Okay well actually lets just get on with the show because I'm feeling a little guilty after just admitting that I'm procrastinating. 

I used Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Sunny Side Up.  

How ridiculously crazy is this color?  My second favorite color is orange and I can't seem to get myself to like this color. Maybe its just because of my skin tone but I really don't think it looks good on looks so great in the bottle though =( How sad.

Well as you can tell, this is an orange cream, kinda looks like a sherbet-ey color.  The reason why I posted both pictures was because the second one is the polish outside ( I can't really say in sunlight because all there is here is snow).  I know I really only show you guys artificial light pictures but this polish looks so different outside I had to post both.  Application was great. I'm really surprised at the Wet n Wild brand, for only like $1 it was definitely worth it.  The fantastic thing about this polish is that the brush gets very saturated with polish making it easy to get one full coat covering the nail without having to re-dip for more polish. This was three coats, not specifically for opacity because I got that with two but I just wanted a more saturated color. 

Glad I could get some posting done in the middle of this horrendous week. Did you guys like this color? Do you have any dupes?

Monday, February 7, 2011

I hope this will tide you over

Hey guys...I'm super tired/busy this week so I may not post for a few days, my first few tests of the new semester are coming up and I want to do extra good!...but anyway, let me get on with my post.

Today I am showing you Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow by OPI from the La Coleccion de Espana, Fall 2009. 

I want to just say in my opinion this is one of the best colors OPI has made in a very long time..even including the Katy Perry Collection.  Green is my favorite color and black has to be one of my favorite colors on nails.  This color combines the two, it is a vey deep forest green.  Although it is not crystal clear, there is ever so little sparkles hidden in this polish.  Although the color is TO DIE FOR, I have to say the application was not.  The first coat was a very very light green, looking nothing like the color in the bottle (not even remotely), it was more of a pure green rather than a black based green.  Within the second coat however, the color began to look like the lacquer in the bottle but it got ver lumpy and hard to work with (this might be because the night before I painted my nails it was sitting right under my drafty hole they call a dorm window).  The third coat seemed to even things out a bit and with the fourth (yes, I had to use four coats here for opacity) and when I used Seche Vite top coat thats when you could no longer tell there were any application problems.

As you can tell, I finally got my cuticles in somewhat decent shape during the last week or so which I am soo happy about.  I started using Bath and Body Works C. O. Bigelow Rose Salve every night before I go to bed...
*Photo courtesy of

which I have to admit works wonders (although a tad greasy).  I also started using Victorias Secret Drenched in Pink Pretty & Pure Hand Lotion throughout the day which smells like jasmine and pink lemonade...smells great!
* Photo courtesy of Lookn4smitty blog

Well there ya go, hope you like this polish as much as I do...I'll try and get posting done this week because I have a nice orange to show you but I doubt it will happen, sorry to disappoint.  Night!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Konadlicious Giveaway!!

Hey don't get too excited, I'm not having a giveaway. BUT KONADLICIOUS IS!!

This is the whole lot she is giving away, how great! It's for her hitting 1,000 followers (ha I wish) and she has some great polishes (and candy!) so don't forget to follow her and enter her giveaway =)

Thats all for now, goodnight!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trusty ole' polish

Sorry sorry sorry, I've been MIA. My week surprisingly has not been busy at all but I was just being lazy and didn't feel like posting. I'm having TONS of trouble trying to take better pictures, I have been using my iphone camera for all my pictures and its obviously not the best quality.  For this post I tried using my digital camera and adjusting the macro settings and the ISO levels and about every other setting on my camera but nothing looked good or captured the color correctly.  Is there any pointers you guys can give me or recommendations of new cameras? (right now I have an Olympus Stylus 740, 7.1 megapixel, 5x zoom) I welcome any suggestions =)

Lets get on to the polish, a few days ago I used Black Cherry Chutney by O.P.I. This has been on of my favorite polishes for a while now but I never had a bottle (I would just pick it at the nail salon).  This polish is from the Couture Color For Your Nails Collection from Ulta which came in a baby trio with Brisbane Bronze and Bogota Blackberry (all for $4.99 on clearance).

Okay so like I said my camera is not that great so I had to take a few pictures to show you the color from every angle.  The first picture is what the actual color looks like in the bottle and under bright artificial light...such a pretty purple right?! Well in the second 2 pictures (sorry the background in the second one is a bit distracting) the way the color is shown is what it looks like in person, a very dark purple almost black looking, a few of my friends even commented thinking that I had painted my nails black.  

The formula was just as expected from O.P.I although since it was such a small bottle (meaning smaller brush) it was hard to get enough polish on one try to cover a nail. I learned after much aggravation that tipping the bottle slightly to get the brush fully covered helped a lot.  Shown here is three coats and a heavy seche vite top coat.  Although this color is to die for I cant help but admit that I kinda wish it looked like the first more purple picture.

How about you guys? Has anybody used Black Cherry Chutney before? If so did it look like mine?
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