Wednesday, August 3, 2011

POP Beauty-Turquoise

Today I have for you POP Beauty- Turquoise that I got at ULTA. I actually got it for free along with POP Beauty- Punk'd. I had bought Essie Matte about Me a while back at ULTA, never used it, and then found Hard Candy's Matte polish for only $4 (Versus $10 for the Essie) so I went to ULTA to return it and picked up these pop beauties which normally retail for $10 but they were on sale buy one get one free! Now let me warn you, I'm not sure why the color didn't transfer correctly to the camera but this is a lighter more green turquoise than the blueish color that you see in the pictures. I'll try to get more accurate pictures to you guys soon.

BTW, loved the consistancy...if I new the formula was so good I would have definitely spent the $10 earlier =) Shown here is three coats plus a TC.


  1. I've never heard of this brand. I'll have to check it out!! It looks good on you! I love turquoises!

  2. I've never heard of this brand either! Will need to check it out! My camera messes up purples!

  3. So pretty! I love bright blues and greens! I always see the POP polishes in NYC but have yet to try one!

  4. Ok definitely picking one of these up when I get my next $3.50 off coupon! I always want one, but there are only three colors out every time I go and they're so boring! I love this one! Thanks for posting about this!

  5. definitely try them out guys!

    Same here Olivia my ULTA only has about 5 colors, these two, a grey and a pink sparkle and gold sparkle..none of the others really call to me tho


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