Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lex Cosmetics- Peabow

Today I am showing you the Lex Cosmetics- Peabow polish. Lex Cosmetics is a great company where most of their profits go to a certain philanthropic organization. Each of the polishes that they sell on their website were inspired by consumers and their experiences. Peabow was inspired by Rhonda. On their website it says "Rhonda's flashy blue was inspired by peacocks. "When I look at a beautiful peacock it reminds me of my creator looking at how artistic the world is and as I look up into the sky seeing a colorful rainbow is a reassuring promise."" One dollar of this polish goes to animal protection.

Hope you guys like it! I know I did!

OPI- Tickle my France-y & Konad

I'm showing you guys my OPI- Tickle my France-y manicure with my favorite, a konad accent nail! This may be one of my favorite OPI polishes that I own, its perfect if you want to look professional or just have a subdued look. I always wear it on job interviews. Since I wasn't doing anything france-y (pun intended) this week I decided to use plate m57 (criss-cross pattern) on my ring fingers and stamp it in black. I always mess my konad up somehow but I still think it came out well. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My first Zoya!

Hello! Today I'm showing you my first Zoya ever!! I got it during the Zoya sale where you get two polishes for free, this one is called Roxy. Let me just say it was a great consistancy but boy do I hate myself the cleanup on sparkles. THEY DON'T COME OFF! Anyway hope you like it, for my first Zoya I would say it was a hit =)

Valentines day!

Hey Everyone! Today I have for you my valentines day mani. Yeah, I know I'm will deal. I used one of my favorite Pixel Polishes called Caribbean Coral for this manicure and then my black Konad special stamping polish with the hearts from plate m3 . Hope ya'll like it, also I know the black polish smeared a little..I'm impatient! lol

Monday, February 13, 2012

New 'Article' Page!

Hey guys! Since my dad and pretty much all my family members know that I blog they always send me news articles and things that have to do with nail polish and beauty. Instead of bombarding you with posts every 5 minutes (which is about how often I get them) I decided to set up a new page on the top of my blog called 'Articles' that will have links to said articles and because my dad always wants to be listed as a contributing editor on my blog I will list who shared the article with me. Hope you like this new addition, a new polish post to come tomorrow!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lex Cosmetics- Nectar & Milani- Gems

Good morning! Today I have for you one of my favorite types of manicures to do, accent nail manicures! For this mani I used one of my favorite Lex Cosmetics Polishes in Nectar and then the accent nail I did in Milani Gems. I did three coats of each polish for this manicure. Hope you guys like it! (side note, I did this manicure at 3am last night and I forgot to take pictures with the bottles, sorry!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey everyone, I told you I would post if I felt like it and I mean even though I don't exactly feel like it I have to for class! At least until May this blog will be back up and running with around two posts a week..not as much as I used to post but I just don't have that kind of time anymore!

Anyhow, lets get started! Today I have for you my Super Bowl 46 nail design! I'm not sure if any of you know but I LOVE THE GIANTS. Love love love. (Cruz is my all time favorite)  So, I decided to rep big blue this past weekend and try some new things out.

For this manicure I used H&M- Spending Cash With Carl for the base of my manicure and then I topped it off with a red stripe using Migi Nail Art, Art Decorating Nail Polish Pens and then a white stripe on the tips of my nails using Color Club's Decorating Polishes in white obviously.

On my ring finger of my left hand I decided to go a little crazy and paint a NY GIANTS logo. I can't say it came out great but for my first time doing any types of lettering I think it was alright. ( I think it would have came out better if I had a white art pen to use but I don't so I used the skinny brush Color Club Decorating Polish in white again). Here are the pictures...I hope you like them!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Guest Post: Manicure Offers a Quick Pick Me Up

Mesothelioma is a serious form of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of cells lining the body’s internal organs. Sadly, being diagnosed with this cancer does not always lead to the most positive prognosis. Because of this, patients with this cancer can sometimes feel depressed and experience a dip in their self-esteem. During this time, it’s important to pay attention to beauty rituals that make us feel better about ourselves. A manicure is an ideal way to give yourself a pick me up. Looking your best can help you feel strong and confident while being pampered and relaxed.

Manicures can be quick and swift or last for a long, relaxing amount of time. It all depends on the mood you are in. Plus, you can use ingredients and materials you already have on hand or make a trip to a local beauty shop to pick up some special items for your manicure. Better yet, take yourself to a local salon for a professional manicure. Particularly if you’re feeling well, getting out of the house for a few hours can greatly improve your outlook. Many salons offer manicures at reasonable prices and you’ll get a stunning nail care treatment out of the outing.

Choose a nail polish color that will cheer you every time you look at it. This can mean a punchy, coral color, a vibrant red or purple, or a sweet pink shade. Choose whatever you’re most drawn to. Try not to focus too much on trends or what the magazines are promoting. The important thing is that the color makes you smile. If you’re visiting a salon, purchase a bottle of the lacquer so you can do touch ups at home. Or, if you’re working on the manicure from home, mix and match shades to come up with a custom color that is completely unique.

For an at home manicure, make sure to go through all the steps, just like a salon would. Rub cream into your palms and fingers, brush on some cuticle cream to soften the skin there, and file back your nails into a nice shape. Paint a coat of clear polish onto each nail, then two coats of the color of your choice. Finish it off with a topcoat of clear polish again. Make sure to let the nails dry fully so as to prevent smudges.

If you’re not feeling your best, get a friend’s help. A trusted pal or loved one can do the manicure steps for you so you can still be proud of your nails. These small things are important, particularly when we’re not feeling at our top. By getting a friend’s help you get the boost of this grooming ritual without having to tire yourself out. Plus, you'll spend quality-bonding time with your loved ones.

By: Jackie Clark

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

Hello! Sorry to get your hopes up, I'm not back for good. Actually, this is just a quick post that will be followed by a guest post tomorrow. I just wanted to preface tomorrow's post by saying a few things. I was recently contacted about letting an employee from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance do guest post on my blog about feeling beautiful while having cancer. Although I know this is not a topic that I normally post about or what my blog is all about but personally having a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer I know firsthand how important it is to feel beautiful while going through something so devastating. 

I would really appreciate it if everyone would take a few minutes out of your day tomorrow to read something that touches so close to my heart and I'm sure many of yours because we all know cancer affects so many of us. Please don't be afraid to comment, leave stories about your lives and give Jackie the kudos she deserves =)

Thanks everyone!!

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