Thursday, October 13, 2011

The time has come.

So I'm sure this is the post you have all been waiting for...and the one I have been dreading.  Unfortunately I'm sure everyone has noticed that I haven't been putting any of my time towards blogging anymore.  It's definitely not because I no longer paint my nails (because believe me I do it more than ever), it's just because I believe blogging is supposed to be a fun hobby and it just wasn't that anymore.

I realize I still have some products that were sent to me to review that I will eventually get around to posting about but from now on this blog is no longer active. I can't say I will never post again on this blog, but it will only be when I really like a polish and want to show you guys or if I have the will no longer be somewhere where I will post on a daily basis.

I just want to thank everyone who has followed me throughout my 10 months of blogging. I really did have an amazing positive experience blogging with all of you and I can definitely say I have made great friends and acquaintances because of my blog.

Finally I want to just show my gratitude to my followers one last time by having a final giveaway, My "Farewell Giveaway". Keep your eyes open for a post about this giveaway within a month or so while I shop for a few extra items.

Thanks again everyone, this was really a great experience =)

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