Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally, the good stuff!

Here we go guys, finally some swap swatches!!

First up we have Catrice Clay-ton My hero!

This polish is a light beige/green polish that has a tan micro shimmer which makes it lean a bit more brown.  This is the first time I have ever used this brand before and I have to say I really like it, great quality and consistency.  The color is subtle subdued perfect when you want something toned down or when you are doing something where you have to be professional. 

Next, here is Mavala Bronze Green.

Love love love love. Green is my favorite color which makes me like this polish even more.  The consistency however was pretty thick making application very hard but I got through it (after a few chosen words were said haha) I asked for this polish specifically after seeing another blogger swatch it and besides from the consistency I like everything about it! 

Last for the day is H&M Spending Cash With Carl.

Such a cute name isn't it!? Anyways, can you say ELECTRIC BLUE? This was such a vibrant color, definitely something I wasn't expecting from the bottle. The consistency was as expected (great) and application was also as expected. Only a few downsides, this polish chipped VERY quickly, like one day quickly and there was slight staining even after using a BC.  

Okay well thats it for now, ill swatch more of the swap polishes a little later in the week =)


  1. I'm glad you seem to like them ! they all look great on you ;)

  2. i love them!! thanks soo much again =)


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