Sunday, April 10, 2011


hello ladiess!

I've got a quick post for you tonight and more to come I swear!

Today I will show you a polish I just recently got that most of you probably know.. Revlon Perplex.

*no flash
 Well helloo finally got it right =) Obviously we all know this is a great dupe for Chanel Paradoxal.  Chanel is known to be crazy expensive so this is a perfect counter for that.  This polish is a purple/blue cream.  In light or if you look really close you can see the purple/pink shimmer that is shown in my first picture and in the shade the polish just looks like a purple/blueish flat cream.  

All I can say is this polish is amazing and you WILL NOT be disappointed if and when you buy it. My favorite Revlon polish yet.



  1. It looks great! So never was available in least no place near me!

  2. you are missing out!! normally revlon isn't that great in my opinion but they hit it out of the park this time!


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