Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crazy new nail trend!

So my dad was reading the paper (New York Post) a few days ago and he cut out an article for me about the cutting edge new nail trends. I've got to say this trend blew my mind. All I can say is EWWW, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Here's the article:

Yeah so you read right, Terri Silacci had the idea to put REAL SNAKESKIN on nails.  I was mulling through the article and it says that a mani/pedi combo with this snakeskin can cost upwards of $550!!! Also, if you were getting your hands and feet done simultaneously the whole process would still take 2 hours! I think this is just pretty gross, although the skin is only taken from the snakes AFTER it sheds and no snakes are actually harmed I just think this is crazy and totally unnecessary (especially for the price!). The third picture gives you step by step directions on how the salons (there are only 4 doing this right now) compete the mani/pedi's. (1. Nails prepared. Cuticles cleaned and cut, 2. A base coat applied, 3.Naturally shed snakeskin is cut and fit to nails, then saturated with a coat of Bio Sculpture Clear, 4. The snakeskin is then applied over the base color, 5. Next, the natural snake pattern is outlined with a contrasting color, and some "scales" are highlighted with a third complementary hue, 6. To remove, visit your salon for the soak-off treatment, which takes 20 minutes or so. There is an additional fee to have this done though which could be up to $20)

My dad likes to think that now he is on the cutting edge of ANYTHING nails and knows more that me on the topic because he found this before I did haha.  I think its cute he's getting involved.. he kind of reminds me of Jen of ThePolishAholic's dad who even lets her paint his nail(s) sometimes. My dad won't go that far but he's always researching the subject for me! Love it!

Okay so what do you think about this freaky fad? Hot or not?


  1. Not. Snakeskin is for the weak. :)

  2. My cats shed like crazy....hmmm...trending??? hmmmm


  3. Love4Nails did a youtube video on how to create this look using mesh and nail polish. No snakeskin needed (..or desired!)

  4. DesertNails8- im going to check that out right now! Also, do you know what..Maria over at R3 Daily also did something that looked similar to this using konad? check that out too!!

  5. OMG...Thank you DAD! I'm a photographer in Monterey, CA where the picture with the snakes on the toes was created and I am looking at my photo in the NEW YORK POST! I had no clue that they used it and because you scanned the paper I see it clear as day. I can't tell you how excited and happy I am to see my picture in the Post! I've got to get me a copy now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting this! And, Thank you DAD! Christine Holding Photography

  6. Here's little video of the shoot. There's more pics on it :)

  7. that is very cool christine! congrats =)


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