Friday, June 3, 2011

Love & Beauty- Grey

So this is another Forever 21 nail polish, which retails for $2.80. This is called Love & Beauty-Grey.

Although this color doesn't look it does in the bottle its still very pretty. Its a dark grey laced with gold/ olive shimmer. The consistency was totally different than the consistency of Love & Beauty-Olive, it was a lot thicker but in a good way. It went on perfectly in two thick coats and stayed on for 3+ days without chipping which is when I took it off so I'm sure it would have lasted longer also. 

Want to hear some exciting news? I was contacted by a beauty company asking me to review some of their eyelashes! Although my blog is not a 'beauty' blog (makeup/ clothes/ other beauty products) this is my first offer and I am just so excited a company is interested in my opinion so I agreed to do the review. If you guys like the review I may turn it into a once a month post other than nail polish tradition. How about that? Sound good?

1 comment:

  1. Ah I love fake lashes! Congrats! And that color is cute! I haven't tried the Forever 21 polishes yet but I'm starting to think I need to!


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