Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mandee- Peeptoes

Artificial Light & Flash

Artificial Light & Flash
I got this polish from Mandee after I had an interview for a position there.  I was given a coupon after my interview so obviously had to go check out the polishes hahah. I got this one and two others =)

Peeptoes is a dark dark teal polish with a pretty crappy (thin) consistency BUT it was on sale for $1.49 so like the Essence polish (irreplaceable) I really cant complain because what do you really expect for that price? Anyways I think this polish really complimented my skin tone..although it made me look a little pale I think it looked good! It was so dark it had that 'almost black' look going which I think just looks SOO CHIC. Enough said, I'm in love.

Posts on the other polishes coming soon!


  1. wow i like this colour too
    must've been annoying to deal with the thin formula though

  2. I loooove that. I love polishes that look almost black. I can't wait to see the other polishes!


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