Wednesday, June 15, 2011

China Glaze- Jitterbug + OPI Black Shatter

China Glaze- Jitterbug
Direct Sunlight
Artificial Light
China Glaze- Jitterbug + OPI Black Shatter
Direct Sunlight- NO TC

Artificial Light- WITH TC
Lets talk about Jitterbug for a hot sec. HOLY BAJESUS. For me and Jitterbug it was love at first sight...I know he felt it too haha. This polish has easily made it into my top 10 favorites just because of this mani. The consistency was what you would expect for a metallic, nothing bad I can say about it. Shown here is three coats. Another AH-MAZING thing about this polish was the price that I STOLE it for. Usually at ULTA and most other places, China Glaze retails for $6.50 USD, I got this little beauty on clearance for...wait for it........$2.99!!!!!!!! Score for lauren's stash =)

After I painted Jitterbug, I admit I should have stopped and kind of regret messing with such a great manicure but I really wanted to try the shatter again so I layered it over Jitterbug. Surprisingly the shatter was a lot more manageable than it was the first time I tried it. It was a lot less gloopy and thick which I was happy with.

The mani turned out really cute in my eyes but I can't wait to just use jitterbug alone for another mani!


  1. Um how do I not own Jitterbug? I'm obsessed! It's gorgeous!

  2. Jitterbug is such an awesome shade, I just LOVE it. Did you find it at Sally's on clearance - because I've found a few of that collection popping up there! Good steal :) And what a cute combo with the black shatter!

  3. Nicole I actually found it at Ulta...I have yet to shop at sally actually, I should get on that!

  4. I love this color under black shatter!

  5. Love this combo!
    I tagged you on my blog for an award. :)


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