Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Bloggers!

So this may sound like I'm crazy because I myself am a new blogger but I've got a ton of new blogger friends that could use your help getting up and off the ground. Here are some of my favorite new bloggers...

Positively Polished- Sabrina has expressed a great interest in blogging and in my eyes is doing a great job.  She is genuinely interested in getting some feedback about how she is doing and I hope you guys can give her just that. She's such a sweet girl so I would love you forever if you can take a gander at her blog!

Lacquered Lover- Carly of Lacquered Lover is such an amazing blogger.  She is always on the cutting edge of all of the nail fads and does a great and very thorough job of blogging about them. I've known her for about a month now and I can really say she is really going places in the blogging world!

Nail-Newbie- Helen is the lovely lady behind Nail-Newbie blog and she is a mom of three from the UK. One thing I really like about her blog is that she shows gorgeous polishes that I have never seen/ heard about before (being from the UK and all) and ALWAYS does them justice with her amazing nail art. She also is one of my favorite new nail bloggers because she focuses on drugstore and cheap polishes rather than expensive ones that you will always long for but can never bring yourself to buy!

Noir Lacquer- Nicole is 23 and always spices up her posts with things other than polish. She has an art degree so I always love seeing her extras =) From what I also see, she is an amazing swapper so look out for her!

I hope you guys can check out these awesome bloggers and show them some love..thanks so much!!! (btw, I feel like this post would be naked w/o a picture so here is something random lol)


  1. great post ! I'm a new blogger as well. I think it's harder because I have a domain rather than a blogger site.

  2. Thanks hun! I'll check out the others too and have added you to my blogroll :)

  3. yes! hooray for new bloggers :)

  4. Thanks so much Lauren! This was so sweet! Us new bloggers have to stick together! :)

  5. Aww, this was so kind of you! Thanks so much! xoxo


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