Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get ready, this is a long one

Hey guys! I know you have been missing me, SO MUCH WORK. SO LITTLE TIME. haha. I have been changing my nail polish more often then I eat it seems like so I have tons to show you and I kinda want to play catch up a little. Oh, and I have to preface this post by letting you know that all my nails severely broke over the past week so my nails are brutally short. Yuck.

First up is Red Hot Ayers Rock by O.P.I. 

How great does that look? This polish is my idea of the perfect red. Not to dark, it even looks a hint pink. This polish covered perfectly in one coat which is surprising because it is such a vivid red.  Shown here is 2 coats, just because I can't fathom only using one coat of any polish...two is the least I'll do. EVER. (Although I think one of the polishes in my posts covered absolutely beautifully in one coat so I stopped there). Shocking I know! The application was a little watery but nothing I couldn't handle.  Although everything about this polish was perfect, it chipped in about 2 days which is a little disappointing for an O.P.I. No staining after either, score!

Secondly, I am showing you Easy Going by Sinful Colors Professional.  

The pictures shown here are taken in two kinds of artificial light.  Although they look pretty similar, they each show different characteristics of the polish.  As you can tell this polish is a light pink/white color.  I found this polish a few years ago at Walgreens for $1.99 and I can honestly say it has to be one of my favorite polishes of al time.  I am in desperate need of a new bottle because this one is just about running on empty so the application was extremely tricky.  Usually this polish is the perfect consistency but for this application it was clumpy, streaky and all over pretty horrible.  I had to make each of the coats (three) pretty thick because it kept getting messed up due to the lack of polish.  This color didn't even chip, it pretty much peeled off my fingers in about a day.  Totally disappointing and is already on my next Walgreens shopping list. I would recommend this polish to ANYBODY though, obnoxiously opaque and the perfect muted pink shade.  A final note about this lacquer, it makes me look so tan!! Total + and therefore my go to polish all year round =)

Halfway done! Okay so now I am showing you Brisbane Bronze from the O.P.I Couture Collection Mini Trio (from Ulta)

I am at a serious loss for words. For the life of me I don't know how to describe this polish. At every angle it looks different, sometimes a red based brown (dusty rose) and at some points it looks like the name says, bronze. I am beyond confused. Most other reviews have been comparing this color to the color of a "new penny"(which I guess goes along with my second picture pretty well). Has anybody ever used this polish before? Do you want to take a crack at describing it?  The application was so-so.  I say this only because it is such a small bottle 3.75 mL vs the 15mL regular sized OPI bottle. Smaller bottle= Smaller brush= Less polish on brush.   It's really a bummer because I think I could have gotten the color and application to have looked 100x better if I had it in a average sized bottle. This polish chipped after a few hours!! WTH, not okay. Although honestly, at about that time I was getting a little bored with the color anyway. Well, on to the next!

Last but certainly not least, I will show you what they only call a "Glitter Topcoat" by Claire's Cosmetics.

Yes, I am aware that topcoat means OVER another color but i think this color alone looks so pretty.  I used three- four coats in these photos (I kind of lost track) and topped it off with Seche Vite top coat.  The glitter is all silver micro-sparkles which make the polish extremely holographic.  The top picture is only here to show you all the colors that show up in the polish (just about every color in the rainbow!).  Anyways, the application was a wee difficult and I only say this because the glitter got all over my skin, without my consent haha.  As many of you sure know, glitter is a bi*#h to remove, especially if you are only trying to touch up.  All in all the polish was a little pricey for the quality, ringing in at just under $5 USD.  I would recommend this polish to everybody...and for both uses (topcoat and alone). I was playing around with this polish a little today and applied it over a mint green polish and it looked flawless, I'll have to do that manicure soon! I only got this polish today and already my suitemates are lining up to use it! 

Hope you enjoyed my extra long post today..more to come later this week =) 

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