Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trusty ole' polish

Sorry sorry sorry, I've been MIA. My week surprisingly has not been busy at all but I was just being lazy and didn't feel like posting. I'm having TONS of trouble trying to take better pictures, I have been using my iphone camera for all my pictures and its obviously not the best quality.  For this post I tried using my digital camera and adjusting the macro settings and the ISO levels and about every other setting on my camera but nothing looked good or captured the color correctly.  Is there any pointers you guys can give me or recommendations of new cameras? (right now I have an Olympus Stylus 740, 7.1 megapixel, 5x zoom) I welcome any suggestions =)

Lets get on to the polish, a few days ago I used Black Cherry Chutney by O.P.I. This has been on of my favorite polishes for a while now but I never had a bottle (I would just pick it at the nail salon).  This polish is from the Couture Color For Your Nails Collection from Ulta which came in a baby trio with Brisbane Bronze and Bogota Blackberry (all for $4.99 on clearance).

Okay so like I said my camera is not that great so I had to take a few pictures to show you the color from every angle.  The first picture is what the actual color looks like in the bottle and under bright artificial light...such a pretty purple right?! Well in the second 2 pictures (sorry the background in the second one is a bit distracting) the way the color is shown is what it looks like in person, a very dark purple almost black looking, a few of my friends even commented thinking that I had painted my nails black.  

The formula was just as expected from O.P.I although since it was such a small bottle (meaning smaller brush) it was hard to get enough polish on one try to cover a nail. I learned after much aggravation that tipping the bottle slightly to get the brush fully covered helped a lot.  Shown here is three coats and a heavy seche vite top coat.  Although this color is to die for I cant help but admit that I kinda wish it looked like the first more purple picture.

How about you guys? Has anybody used Black Cherry Chutney before? If so did it look like mine?


  1. I use the regular macro setting - no altering any other setting. Then use Picasa to sharpen up/alter any colour/blur etc. Crispens it up a bit. Hope that helps hun :)

  2. i'll try that out for my next post, thanks!


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