Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love & Beauty

Why hello everyone! Once again I'm procrastinating, I have a test on monday but I'm not studying until tomorrow hahah. College sucks, all I do is study, sleep, study and study. wahh.

Well w/e, today I'm showing you Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint.

This polish looks exactly how it does in this picture so no need for more than one.  It is a very thick blueish green cream polish (more blue than green).  In the bottle it looks pretty white but on the nail you can see exactly what color it actually is.  The application was PERFECT and soo surprising for a polish that was only $2.80.  It went on thick but not clumpy at all, covered in practically one coat  (although here is 2).  Because it was so thick cleanup was a bit of a pain but i think it turned out good! I would definitely buy Love & Beauty brand again!

By the way, I have the weirdest shaped pointer finger nail. No matter what shape i file it in to or how much I clean it up on the sides its abnormally round. What is up with that? Oh and another addition: my cuticles are not that red...I'm not sure why they look like that but they are normal color in real life hahah

EDIT: Thanks to my sorority sister Nicole she reminded me of a color that is very dupey to this one.  As I'm sure many of you have already, its Essie Mint Candy Apple.
* Picture courtesy of Amarixe blog

As you can tell mint candy apple is a little greener but it's still a pretty solid dupe. (It also depends on which formula you have of this polish, rumor has it that they changed the formula a while back). Does anybody have both of these polishes? Do you think they are dupey?   

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