Thursday, February 10, 2011

Procrastination at its best

Good afternoon kiddies...I have a test tomorrow, and no I'm not going to study until later.  Okay well actually lets just get on with the show because I'm feeling a little guilty after just admitting that I'm procrastinating. 

I used Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Sunny Side Up.  

How ridiculously crazy is this color?  My second favorite color is orange and I can't seem to get myself to like this color. Maybe its just because of my skin tone but I really don't think it looks good on looks so great in the bottle though =( How sad.

Well as you can tell, this is an orange cream, kinda looks like a sherbet-ey color.  The reason why I posted both pictures was because the second one is the polish outside ( I can't really say in sunlight because all there is here is snow).  I know I really only show you guys artificial light pictures but this polish looks so different outside I had to post both.  Application was great. I'm really surprised at the Wet n Wild brand, for only like $1 it was definitely worth it.  The fantastic thing about this polish is that the brush gets very saturated with polish making it easy to get one full coat covering the nail without having to re-dip for more polish. This was three coats, not specifically for opacity because I got that with two but I just wanted a more saturated color. 

Glad I could get some posting done in the middle of this horrendous week. Did you guys like this color? Do you have any dupes?


  1. i bought this color but havent used it yet. i dont like oranges against my skin tone but the color was screaaaaaming at me on the shelf! for 99cents how can you not?!

  2. that was exactly what happened to me...I heard the screams!! Too bad the polish didn't exactly deliver. It was off in about 24hrs. lol


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