Monday, February 28, 2011

No longer a Color Club virgin!

Woohhhhh, my Color Club cherry has been popped =) I have always been seeing them around the blogging scene but I thought maybe it was just a brand that they only sold in certain countries because I have never seen them before (yeah stupid I know).  The other day though I finally took the leap and went into my local beauty supply store (I've always been scared I would wind up spending wayyyyyy too much money haah) and EUREKA! COLOR CLUB! I had to have one and this color just caught my eye.

This is Alter Ego by Color Club.

So here's the deal, Its a glittery foil which has gold (looks like silver), purple and a hint of blue micro glitter.  (I feel so fancy, I've never used that word before lmao) It looks AWESOME in all lights.  In the first shitty picture, sorry about that, you can see the purple side of this polish.  In the second shitty picture the goldish side shows up.  This polish was a dream to apply, shown here is three coats for opacity, it was the perfect formula, consistency and color.  I topped this polish off with Seche Vite top coat.  I really think if you see this color in all lights you would love it even more, its just great haha.  I think its more of  winter color, it really looks great outside when there is snow on the ground =) 

Has anybody else had the chance to use any of the other polishes in the Color Club Alter Ego collection? I'm really looking forward to buying Alias and Sheer Disguise. Well, that's all for now, off to work!  

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