Monday, February 7, 2011

I hope this will tide you over

Hey guys...I'm super tired/busy this week so I may not post for a few days, my first few tests of the new semester are coming up and I want to do extra good!...but anyway, let me get on with my post.

Today I am showing you Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow by OPI from the La Coleccion de Espana, Fall 2009. 

I want to just say in my opinion this is one of the best colors OPI has made in a very long time..even including the Katy Perry Collection.  Green is my favorite color and black has to be one of my favorite colors on nails.  This color combines the two, it is a vey deep forest green.  Although it is not crystal clear, there is ever so little sparkles hidden in this polish.  Although the color is TO DIE FOR, I have to say the application was not.  The first coat was a very very light green, looking nothing like the color in the bottle (not even remotely), it was more of a pure green rather than a black based green.  Within the second coat however, the color began to look like the lacquer in the bottle but it got ver lumpy and hard to work with (this might be because the night before I painted my nails it was sitting right under my drafty hole they call a dorm window).  The third coat seemed to even things out a bit and with the fourth (yes, I had to use four coats here for opacity) and when I used Seche Vite top coat thats when you could no longer tell there were any application problems.

As you can tell, I finally got my cuticles in somewhat decent shape during the last week or so which I am soo happy about.  I started using Bath and Body Works C. O. Bigelow Rose Salve every night before I go to bed...
*Photo courtesy of

which I have to admit works wonders (although a tad greasy).  I also started using Victorias Secret Drenched in Pink Pretty & Pure Hand Lotion throughout the day which smells like jasmine and pink lemonade...smells great!
* Photo courtesy of Lookn4smitty blog

Well there ya go, hope you like this polish as much as I do...I'll try and get posting done this week because I have a nice orange to show you but I doubt it will happen, sorry to disappoint.  Night!


  1. I never have any luck with polish that's even remotely cold. I've made a habit of putting the bottle of my chosen color in my pocket fifteen or twenty minutes before I actually paint. That seems to help.

  2. I didn't even think the problem was because the polish was cold until I was writing the post haha. That is a good idea though, I was wondering what I could do to get them room temp/warm because my school doesn't like using the heat haha, thanks!


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