Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm in Texas!....I wish.

Hola chicas! Good..morning I guess lol. My week has been totally crazy, I have a term paper due on friday which I have to start, but I'm sitting in my bed blogging and watching Greek..priorities?? haha. Actually I even watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars this week and let me say what a great show! How come I never watched it before?!

Okay well lets move right along. Today I am showing you a jelly from the new O.P.I Texas Collection which is called Houston...We Have A Purple.

So I don't care what O.P.I says, this is totally pink on the nail. It should be renamed Houston..We have a Pink! I wish it looked more purple like it does in the bottle because as we all know, I despise pink. On another note, I LOVE how jellies look on my nails!! This polish was so great to apply which is the great thing about jellies, they go on so thinly that there are essentially no room for errors with bald spots or clumpy messes. Although after I did clean up on my mani it looked like my nails were stained (which would be weird because the polish is so light) they were not =)

So, have you tried any of the other O.P.I. polishes from the Texas Collection? What about the cremes? Are there any other colors from this collection I just NEED to have? 

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