Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally a China Glaze!

Oh heyy, I'm on spring break, I am not working and I only have a little bit of homework...therefore I will be posting TONS! First off, how fancy am first China Glaze. EVER. I was so excited when I bought this polish last week in a mini haul you have no idea.  Believe me, there are more where this came from..this is starting to become a staple in my lot!

Today we have Oxygen by China Glaze. (sorry I can't put the name of the polish in the color, it would disappear! lol)

Eeek, dry cuticles! So I realize that there is a shadow in this picture but it kind of works to my advantage and I'll tell you why soon.  Anyway, remember in a past post I swatched a light pink color but I said I was hoping for something whiter/more opaque? (if you don't remember, its here).  Well, I found what I was looking for! This is pretty much a white polish but with the slightest pink tint to it (you can see the pink tint on my pointer finger and the color it looks like in most lights on the other fingers).  The application was awesome, totally a great first impression.  It was a great consistency, if anything a little watery, covering evenly in three coats.  As you can tell, there is still a little bit of visible nail line but nothing that was too bad, I figured four coats was a little too thick so I kept it at three. 

I love the name of this polish for some reason, and so do my suitemates hahah. Every time one of them picks it up I'm like ITS CALLED OXYGEN hahha. I'm lame. Whateverr.

Okay well talk to you guys again tomorrow! Happy painting =)

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