Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Essie- Peach Daiquiri

My suitemate kindly picked this polish out for me at target a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it!

This is Essie- Peach Daiquiri

This polish is a coral that leans slightly red in most lights.  As with most Essie polishes, it was a little watery and thin but I've become expectant of that.  There isn't really much to say about this polish, even from the one picture you can just see how amazing it is.  I would say this is one of the polishes I will be wearing a lot this summer, it just looks so perfect on a sunny day and with a tan (which I will have soon hahah).  

Do any of you have your one go to color for the summer? What are they?!


  1. LOVE this! I'm really into these colors right now. I'm wearing butter London- Jaffa. It kinda reminds me of this Essie. But the color I'm loving for summer is Jesse's Girl- Julieg.

  2. Love this color ! It looks great on you

  3. I love both of those colors Olivia! I'm really into the corals/ salmons right now and it seems like so is everyone else hahaha. Thanks!


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