Friday, May 27, 2011

Color Club- Sheer Disguise & OPI Shatter

I went kind of crazy the other day and bought a bunch of polishes :/ Hahha
-OPI Black Shatter, American Eagle (no name), China Glaze- Frostbite, Love & Beauty- Grey, Essie-Swing Velvet, Color Club-Sheer Disguise and Love & Beauty-Olive

The polish I'm showing today is part of the Color Club Alter Ego Collection: Reveal Your Mystery which was released this spring.  This is Sheer Disguise, a pastel cream blue which is laced with tons of grey undertones.  I used three coats for this manicure because the formula was a bit watery, but built fine with a few coats. 

I love this color, out of the whole spring collection it may be my favorite but I'm really looking forward to also buying Revealed and Incognito (Check out a full review of this collection by Also Known As...)

So I finally cracked (no pun intended) and bought the OPI Black Shatter.  Here I just put it over my existing manicure and I have to say it was pretty scary when I put it on haha. You paint the black over your freshly painted nails and hope you don't ruin all your hard work lol. Anyways for my first time using the shatter I think I did a pretty good job, I heard it usually takes some practice to figure out how to do it but I think it paid off that I waited to buy it so I could see others reviews on it and hear their tips. 

One thing I didn't really like was the fact that the polish gets SUPER SUPER gloopy after a use or two..I really need to invest in some polish thinner :/


  1. oooo would love to see a swatch on china glaze's frostbite ;)

  2. I love shatter! It's so fun to play with! I have two blue ones on the way! I love your color combo here!


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