Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love & Beauty- Olive

Love & Beauty is Forever 21's nail polish line and the last time I was there I picked this up.  Although I love green, this olive tone is something WAYY out of my comfort zone because as you guys know I hate reds, pinks, olives etc and I've been trying to break out of that..which is why I got it haha. 

This is Love & Beauty- Olive

Sorry, I didn't really clean up too well..I did my nails in the dark haha. Anyways this polish was REALLY thin so this is only three coats and to be honest I wish I did a couple more.  I think Forever 21 got the name a little wrong, on the nail it comes out a little more like a dark gold/bronze.  Either way its a pretty color, definitely worth the $2.80 price tag!

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