Wednesday, May 25, 2011

H&M- Envy Me

Hi! Today I have one of the last polishes that I have not swatched from the swap I did with Elodie over at Accro Polish.  This is Envy Me by H&M.

This color is to die for, although my short ass nubs (no idea why they look like that) don't do it justice.  As you know from my Kreativ Blogger post green is my all time favorite color and polishes like this are why.  This is such a rich, sparkly (micro shimmer), deep, amazing color which I asked Elodie for specifically when we swapped.  So here's the deal, it was a great consistency, obviously the huge top made it harder to hold the brush but only minor difficulties. This color went on great with two coats and left no balding spots or anything.  Really, because im a pessimist, I have to not SOMETHING wrong with this polish. That flaw would be that (as you can see) it did create tons of skin stain that really didn't come out even after I cleaned up =(

Thats all for now but one last question, What is another H&M polish I should own? I currently have this one, Spending Cash With Carl (also compliments of Elodie) and Dazzling Nude that I just bought today!

***Just a reminder, I am having a relatively small giveaway when I reach 50 followers which is only 4 MORE so please if you want a chance of winning something tell you friends about my blog or add me to your blog roll etc!!! Thanks so much guys*****


  1. That's one of my favourite polishes. It's gorgeous!

  2. that is a gorgeous color! reminds me of an essence color that Emerald Sparkled posted.

  3. Love this color and your blog!

    I also just gave you the liebster award for small bloggers so check it out and pass on the love!

  4. i'm your 49th follower! cheering for your first giveaway :D

  5. guys thanks so much for all the support, I need to start buying some giveaway goodies, 50 followers is coming faster than I thought =)


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