Friday, May 13, 2011

OPI- Diva of Geneva

Good morning!! Here I am again with OPI's Diva of Geneva, another polish from the OPI Swiss Collex. It's a purple shimmer with a red base.  I've gotta tell you that I really didn't care for this color..its been on my lemmings list for a while but now that I have it and since I've tried it, it's not that great.

Oh my gosh guys, I know this is a crappy picture..all of the other pictures I took the polish turned out red (because of the red base obvs) and I had to capture this while I could, making it blurry.  I'm just not a big fan of this polish, its too close to pink for my liking, I thought it would be a little deeper of a color AND because it stained my skin like crazy as you can see. =(  I think ill try it again sometime in the near future to see if I warm up to it.

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