Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barielle- Elle's Spell

Oh my gosh, today I got the package of polishes Accropolish sent me for our swap! I'm so excited to blog about them but you sadly will have to hold your suspense for a few more days because I am trying to get rid of my backlog.  Let me just tell you they are better than I even expected.  The score is currently Switzerland 1. USA 0 hahha.

Okay today I have for you Elle's Spell by Barielle.

Lemings alert!!! I have wanted this polish for FOREVER. I saw another blogger post about it and I could not get enough.  While home on spring break I was perusing through Ulta's clearence bins and there it was, the one lone one left. I swapped it up before I could even blink. LOVEEE. Many people said that it caught their eye so they bought it, but then when they actually tried it they didn't think it was anything special.  I totally have to disagree, this polish is amazing. I hate reds as you know, and I would wear this color on my nails for as long as I lived if I had to.

Okay, enough with the dramatics. Elle's Spell is obviously a jelly and I had to do 4ish coats to get it opaique.  This color is great because it not only looks the bright red that it is, but also in certain lights it seems this deep red/purple berry color that I absolutely adore. It has what looks like gold flakes but are actually considered multi-color flakes.  The application was not too watery/thick but applied more clear then red on the first coat, and the second two coats left you with the berry color but then with the fourth I got this great red color.  This polish usually retails for $6 at Ulta stores, and $8 when sold directly from Barielle.

I have heard that it looks like Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure flake polish but from what I've seen it really doesn't. Have any of you used Hidden Treasure before? Do you think it looks like this polish?

*This is Elle's Spell layered over black*
Barielle Elle's Spell over Black

*Picture courtesy of

and this is Hidden Treasure layered over Lincoln Park After Dark

*Picture courtesy of

See..nothing alike! 


  1. LOL. Don't worry USA is going to even the score soon ;) Enjoy !


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