Thursday, March 10, 2011


Two more posts after this and I'm totally caught up with my backlog! I'm feeling so efficient over this break..I wrote a paper, went to numerous Dr. appts., bought TONS of polish (I literally thought three polishes would be enough for one week at home..but no, I bought about 20 more since I have been home shopping for my swap! Its a sickness!!) and logged some time with my besties..I'm a beast. GROWL. 

This polish today is Periwinkle by Petites Color Fever.

Yeah I know, the last picture quality is like really really really bad but i wanted you to get a close up look (I've finally figured out the art of taking a good picture so hopefully no more bad pictures!).  Well ok so this polish, like I said in my post about Vintage Gray (here) had such a better application than the gray so I was really excited about using it.  This is one of the only three polishes I took home for my spring break..that must say something, its one of my fav's.  It went on silky smooth, I used three coats just because I like the color after it gets extra saturated, it comes out bluer if that's a word haha.  I again used the NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat over it.  This one and only bad thing about this polish is that it chipped after like a day and a shower. I think I need to try doing thinner coats, maybe that will help. Hmm..w/e. Rite Aid- $3.99 (expensive for .25 fl oz I think, but worth it).

Woah, okay so I'm watching Pretty Little Liars right now and 1. Aria was texting her teacher/boyfriend and obviously I was looking at her nail polish and it was this pretty blue color when the frame was set wide, and then 2. When they zoomed in on her texting, HER NAILS WERE A DIFFERENT COLOR..and guess totally looked like a dupe for this exact polish I'm posting about!! how funny!

Okay, to bed I go..night!

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