Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Don't Know Jacques!

Ello mates! You know what I've realized? I can't blog without some good TV show/movie going right now I'm watching couples retreat..SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Now I want to go to the bahamas, aka where all my friends are right now for spring it up on a cruise. I'm officially jealouss.

This is a color that I would not wear on a cruise to the bahamas, but for the crappy weather here on Long Island it seems just right.  Here is You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI.

Hellz yeahh, finally a taupe! Okay this polish is such a great color, its like exactly the perfect blend between brown, green and i want to say red.  It almost tends more on the purple side than anything else.  The application: a little thick actually, but nothing that couldn't be handled. Shown here is three coats but I could have gotten away with two, pretty much like all other polishes I blog about haha 

I really don't have much to say about this polish, its just that great, I'm speechless.  Oh well I guess one bad thing about this polish is that it chipped like REALLY easily, but then again thats every OPI for me so nothing really special. I actually really wanted Over the Taupe by OPI but I couldn't find it anywhere in my crappy town so I got this one and I'm actually glad I did because its a bit richer than OTT.

Another post to come in about 5 minutes haha, I'm trying to catch up!!

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