Thursday, March 31, 2011

I feel like a drug addict.

I've relapsed. I've been so busy with end of the semester school work and sorority events and such that painting my nails has taken a backseat.  It pains me to even say that a few days out of the week an a half i have not blogged my nails have been NAKED.  I started biting my nails again, they look horrendous right now.  I would never post in this condition, but thankfully I have some backlog that I can run off of for the time being.  Let me just warn you, I probably wont post again for a while..I need to get my academic shit together and blogging, again, will have to take the backseat for now.

Let me just show you a little something that I got from the swap I did with Elodie over at AccroPolish.  We swapped 5 polishes each (plus goodies) and this is what I got =)

H&M- Spending Cash With Carl

H&M- Envy Me

Catrice- Clayton My Hero

Mavala- Bronze Green

Catrice- Time Square at Midnight

MNY- (couldn't find a name..I'm in a rush)

Some yummy Swiss Chocolatee!!!

So I hope you like what you see so far, I have swatched some of them but those pic's will come at a later date.

Back to school now. byeeee

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