Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cult Nails- Living Water

Oh my gosh. Living Water took my breath away. As many of us know, Cult Nails was created by a fellow blogger Maria from R3 Daily and boy has her company really taken off..she just released her fall collection named Hypnotic with four great polishes! Anyways, around the 4th of July Maria had a Independence day sale where all of her polishes were $7.40 for that weekend. Before the sale I had seen some of my favorite nail bloggers swatching Cult Nails colors and I always wanted them but $10 for a nail polish + shipping just seemed out of my reach so I never bought any so when this sale came around I just had to take the leap. I decided to only buy one polish then because lets get real, I'm a struggling college student and thats all I could afford. It was a toss up between Living Water and Iconic (I really wanted Cruisin Nude and Captivated but they were sold out =[ ). I finally decided on Living Water and totally could not wait to get my hands on it.

When I got the polish it was packed so cute, with cotton balls and wrapped in this cool paper (shown in first picture). The application was really good and after reading what it felt like 100+ reviews I expected no less. I loved the polish even more in person because if you couldn't tell by now the blackened effect is my absolute fav. and I wore it for about 4 days (I only took it off because it started chipping lol) I would have loved for the aqua sparkles to be more prominent but what can you do, its not my decision! For these pictures I used three coats.

I will DEFINITELY buy another Cult Nails polish without question. LOVE ITT!!

Maria sells her Cult Nail polish here:

Happy shopping!!


  1. Why have I not seen this one yet??? I love it! And it looks really good on you!

  2. so pretty. i thought it was a sausage at first though lol

  3. That polish looks absolutely amazing! I need to find where I can buy these.


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