Sunday, July 17, 2011

kkcenterhk False Eyelashes!

Today I have for you something non-polish related, fake eyelashes!! I've got to say this is the first time I've ever tried falsies and I was really excited! These are from a brand kkcenterhk who's products as far as I can tell are only sold online. I chose product A88 from their website which are described as 'Short Black Luxuriant False Lashes'. I wouldn't wear these on a normal day out because they are very thick and full but they are definitely good if you are going out on a Friday or Saturday night to the club or something. 

These lashes cost $5.68 USD and come with a total of 10 pairs. *They DO NOT come with lash glue so make sure you have some* ( I used Ardell Waterproof LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive Clear).


*Before lashes (I don't know why I look like I have a black eye)
*After lashes
*After Lashes
*After Lashes
*After Lashes (lid closed)
*After Lashes (side view)

 I really enjoyed using these falsies, I've already used three pairs lol. I haven't tried any other brands yet but I would definitely recommend these, they are a little long for my eyes but trimming them was not a problem. If you are careful with them when removing they could even be reusable, but I have not yet.

So what do you gals think, yay or nay on the falsies??

*These products were provided to me for review


  1. I'm thinking I could pull of some falsies! They look amazing on you! I think I just need to work up a little courage and I could do it. These really do look great on you, though! :) I saw some today in Urban Outfitters that are like feathers... kinda cool!

  2. yeah i never thought about wearing falsies but when i had this opportunity i said why not! they take a lot of getting used to and i have real trouble getting them close enough to the lash line..i definitely still have some perfecting to do lol


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