Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Essie & Pure Ice black and teal crackle

For this manicure I used Essie- Licorice which is a very shiny black polish. I also layered it under Pure Ice Crackle- Strike a Pose. I got the Essie from Target or ULTA a while ago...I really can't remember but it was well worth it, its such a perfect black. The consistency of the black is amazing, just liquidly enough that is opaque in two coats. I got the Pure Ice Crackle at Walgreens about a month ago. In the pictures the crackle seems pretty blue but its really more of a teal color. Although i did a pretty thin coat of the crackle it didn't crack as much as I wanted it to..for $3.99 I think it was definitely worth the money but I would not have paid more for it.

How do you guys like it? Have you tried any of the other Pure Ice crackles? Also, would you guys like me to post about the upcoming collections that are coming out? I know I see a billion posts about them so it gets SOO repetitive that I don't feel like posting about it but if you want I totally will!!


  1. Love those together! I really like that black, too. It looks perfect. The Walgreens stores down here don't sell Pure Ice, only WalMart does. Which sucks. So I haven't seen any of the crackle polishes from them. But I like this one!

  2. thank girl! Ya know my Walgreens didn't sell it either for a long time but they just started to so maybe they will at yours soon!


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