Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finger Paints-Gallery Glam

Gallery Glam by Finger Paints is a dark navy blue with a slight shimmer finish. This was my first Finger Paints and I got it at Sallys on clearance but for how much I don't quite remember. I was really excited about this color, in the bottle it looks more like a duochrome purple/blue leaning more purple and I really wanted that to transfer on the nail. Unfortunately it really didn't look like that at all, it turned out pretty ugly actually. I took these pictures with a flash so the blue was really brought out but in normal lighting it looked like a weird un-pure murky black. Also, the brush on my polish had a stray hair on it which made the application soo hard. Stupid me tried pulling the hair out and that just created more problems but I finally got it out and the brush worked fine after that. I think I'll try this polish again in a while because I'm not ready to write it off just yet but my hopes aren't high.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't like it! I like it, though. But I always like those shades that look almost black. :)

  2. I just picked this up for $.99 on clearance at Sally's. I don't think it looks half bad.


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