Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lazy day...

Sorry this post is coming so late, I was having problems for HOURS creating a post..and after searching high and low for an answer I realized I just needed to switch to the old editor, so now we are back in business =)

Today I chose to use a nice dark winter-y color because I've been in a 'blah' mood lately (realizing I have about no friends at home anymore) so I'm feeling the depressing darks. I decided on one of my favorite colors Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Dark Angel (#207).

As you can see, in the bottle it looks more like a brown/red color but on my nails it looks like a deep red/wine color with not much brown. Can I just say, I LOVE ULTA NAIL POLISH. The application was just amazing, the formula was just liquidy enough to glide on perfectly without having to do much of any touch-ups. I'm not sure I captured the parts that were a little patchy in the pictures but let me just let you know this was only one coat which I think is very impressive! I have a feeling this polish will be living on my nails for a while because its just so great! The first thing i thought was it kind of reminds me of CND's Fedora which looks like this:
I don't actually own this polish, I just saw it once and LOVED it so unfortunately I cant show you them next to each other. Still, I think they are pretty good dupes..they both seem to have the same red/black/purple ratio, although the lacquer in the CND bottle doesn't seem to have that brownish tint to it that Ulta's polish does.

Its getting pretty late and I need to be up early tomorrow to get an oil change for my car (blehh)..night!

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