Monday, January 24, 2011

You're going to hate me.

Okay guys, I'm really sorry. I found a polish that I had at home which came from one of those makeup/nail polish big palates and I really really liked it so I decided to paint my nails with it today. The bad news is I don't know what brand it is or what the name of it is.

So I have a dupe if that helps, its Mink Muffs by Essie (Nordstrom Exclusive Collection)- I got this dupe after an hour of searching the internet because I don't own any polishes that look like this so sorry if it's not perfect, it's the closest thing I found.

This is What Mink Muffs looks like...
* Picture is courtesy of the Nailstah blog

Here is a picture of the polish I used today which I will call Milk Chocolate because that's what it really looks like!!

As you can tell, my polish is a lot richer than the Essie but like I said its the closest I could find.  Milk Chocolate went on very well, the formula was nice and creamy but my nails soaked up the polish so I had to get the brush full of lacquer to cover a whole nail without re-application or touch-ups.  This polish took three coats to look like the color in the bottle which for such an old polish (probably at least 10 yrs old by now) is pretty darn good...I'm so surprised that it has not dried out or become clumpy by now so cheers to whatever brand made this polish.  I instantly liked the color when I saw it, there is just something so chic about a neutral brown that really draws my attention.  I have a color all set for my next post but I need to dress up tomorrow ( I have weekly dress up days for my sorority) so I figured I'd go with the more muted polish now and repaint after tomorrow-you will see what I am talking about soon-I'm soo looking forward to it!! 

Goodnight all.


  1. very pretty but no idea what it's called lol

  2. no, no idea..what a bummer right? ill keep looking but I doubt ill find it because its so old..sorry!


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