Saturday, January 29, 2011

While the roommate is out to play

So my roommate is out having a great time (if you know what I mean) which leaves me all alone in my room.  Bored and all Sex and the City'ed out I bring you a quick little post to just touch on some key points that I keep forgetting to add in prior posts.

1. Although this may be silly to everybody, this is the longest my nails have ever been...EVER. I never used to let them grow past my fingertips and I had a horrible biting habit but I've ditched that addiction because who wants to ruin a b-e-a-utiful manicure? Not I haha, I finally realize why its such a big deal when one breaks a takes a great deal of effort to get them looking like that again, it's like a full time job!

2. I have asked for a konad kit for easter (yes, I do get easter gifts haha).  After reading Polish Hoarder Disorder (PHD)'s blog post "Konad. What? and How?", I realized konad Isn't:
                         1. As expensive as I thought
                         2. As hard as I thought
                         3. As messy as I thought
I'm REALLY looking forward to trying some things out...all day tomorrow is going to be spent picking out the plates/ colors that I want. Any recommendations?

3. I still have yet to get an organizational tool for my polishes...after looking on at the organizer I showed you in a previous post I realized that I cannot fathom spending the $30 on a little plastic thing (which I would now need 2 of because I have over 60 polishes), so I am still using an Ulta bag..but I'm heading to target over the weekend so I am determined to find something that works just as great as that one but less than half the price!

4. The polish that I showed you guys today (although initially put on yesterday afternoon) already majorly chipped. What a bitch.

5. I'm looking for a light cream/white color (kind of the same color as Ballet Slippers by Essie) but I cant seem to find a good one.  I have a pet peeve about ordering nail polish online...I need to physically see it before I go and spend money on it, meaning I can't buy Ballet Slippers because Walgreens does not carry Essie yet.

6. Yes, I said it. I'm not sure if you guys have heard but pretty soon..or so they say.. Walgreens (my old job) will start carrying Essie polish. HOW GREAT..I'm literally ecstatic. Essie is awesome.

7. I have gotten my whole suite into painting their nails every few days...just this afternoon four of them (out of 5) were painting their nails!

Okay, I bet there are still tons of things that I will remember I left out right when I hit publish but I can't think of them right now so my rambling is over.  Sorry no swatch pictures in this post, but I'll leave you with some of my favorite... Warhol!!

OH MY GOSH. How could I forget!?! The biggest thing of all.  I will be having a small giveaway (2-3 polishes) when I reach 100 followers so pleasee recommend me to your friends/ fellow bloggers =)

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