Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today is just full of firsts for me..it was my first day of classes as a second semester Junior.  How crazy is that? I am almost three quarters of the way through my undergraduate college experience..I'm scaring myself out just talking about it! Although college is NOTHING like I thought it would be, I can honestly say that its only different, not worse than expected.  I really wish I would have gone to a bigger school (which was the last thing on my mind while applying) but I guess that just shows how much I've changed throughout these three years.  My friends from home (that go to college at home) keep telling me that I've changed since I've gone away but I don't understand why they see it as a bad thing. We all need to grow up sometime... don't we?  Well anyways, today it was also my first time using a certain polish that should have been on my wish list because its amazing and a half, Tease-y Does It by O.P.I.  

Now here's the thing... It seems purple in the pictures right?... well not according to my nails it doesn't.  It looks more like the second picture (VERY BAD quality, I realize, but it was the only picture that captured the real color).  It is a very dark brown base color with flecks of red sparkles in it in some lights and as you can tell in artificial lights it looks very purple..I honestly like both so it really doesn't matter to me ( I bought it with the intentions of it being more red though).  I wouldn't suggest this to people who are looking for purple polishes though because it only looks like that very rarely.

As with all O.P.I's (considering the price is a steep $8.50) you expect the application to be nothing but perfect and I have to say it was (and extra score, I found this one on clearance for $2.99 at Ulta).  I love using new polishes because you don't have to stick the brush far into the bottle to get WADS of lacquer, which makes application that much easier and clean- less lumpy.

okayy well I'm off to a night of movie watching and junk food eating with my suite-mates!! Have a good week =)


  1. such a pretty color i wish it was brighter like the first pic!!

    im a junior in college too. i think a lot of people you were friends with when you were younger change (or stay the same!) and any personal growth you've made doesnt always remain conducive to the friendship. outgrowing friends is sad but as i get older i realize its really a part of life )=

  2. totally agreed on both counts...outgrowing friends seems to be my forte lately =/


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